Matthew Blick


The Great Outdoors



Animation, graphic design, interface design, interior design, website design



The Great Outdoors is a conceptual branding project, for which I have created the identity of a fresh, modern, start-up outdoor goods store, based in Northern California.


The brand has been created to convey a contemporary feel, offering a friendly presence. The project includes the identity roll-out across a suite of The Great Outdoors assets.




The logo takes influence from contour lines used in orienteering maps that reference the layout of terrain using a corresponding value (usually meters above-sea-level) — my logo uses the year established in place of this value.

Catering for the brand recognition on elements that reach consumers on a personal level, branded stationary keep in-line with the minimal style.

The Great Outdoors website is designed to be an easily accessible platform to engage with the brand, but just as importantly, it promotes its values; it features a blog that allows regular updates to be made regarding places to visit, store news and promotions, as well as an online checkout.

Continued through the brand identity is a very pure, clean style, giving assets such as coat hangers, price tags, goods, and even the store checkout interface a simple and sophisticated presence.

The contours in the design of the logo provide a very interesting and abstract pattern, which extended, create beautiful large scale pieces of interior graphics in-store.


‘Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization.’
— Charles Lindbergh


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