Secret 7″ 2015



Graphic design, illustration

Secret 7″


Secret 7″ is an annual event which raises money for a different charitable organisation each year. 2015 saw the funds raised donated to Nordoff Robbins, a charity that uses music therapy to transform the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK.


The organisers of Secret 7″ 2015 called for artists from around the world to submit their work to be printed on to one-hundred unique sleeve covers of seven specially pressed songs to vinyl, which were then sold to the public, raising the money. The only restriction is that the cover artwork must not contain the title of the song, making it a mystery to the buyer until it is taken home and played. This way the music compliments the special piece of art that the person has bought. See my submissions below for each single.


'Dead Flowers' by The Rolling Stones

'Sledgehammer' by Peter Gabriel

'Born Slippy' by Underworld

'Go' by The Maccabees

'Reflections' by Diana Ross & The Supremes

'Let Forever Be' by The Chemical Brothers

'Digital Witness' by St. Vincent