Photo-School Branding

Fotoschule Schweiz


Fotoschule Schweiz logo on window

An identity that marries design with photography.

Fotoschule Schweiz logo on window

Based in Bern, Switzerland, Fotoschule Schweiz is a school that provides in-person and online photography classes.


The logo is influenced by the timeless Swiss typographic style – a perfect fit for the brand. Surrounding the wordmark, you'll find the framing markers found through a camera's viewfinder, as well as the iconic Swiss cross. A sense of duality is conveyed here, as the cross — also a plus — communicates the idea of advancement or progressing one's knowledge; learning. All of the elements in the design align neatly with each other and to a grid, making a geometrically sound piece.

Fotoschule Schweiz logos
Subject icons

I also produced a set of four icons, one for each subject area taught at the school. Using minimal, geometric designs and different colours makes these icons easily recognisible and accessible; it's also in keeping with the Swiss style.

Student wearing branded hoodie