Birmingham Heroes

University of Birmingham


Birmingham Heroes billboard

The University of Birmingham is home to some of the most progressive movements of research on the globe; a place where the minds of scientists, doctors and visionaries collaborate to further our understandings. Birmingham Heroes is a campaign that celebrates and promotes the revolutionary discoveries of the research fellows working at the University.

Birmingham Heroes billboard
Birmingham Heroes Underground panels

Continuing the style created in 2015, and working with the photography, marketing, and media teams at the University, we have furthered the Heroes campaign, with new celebrations of researching success. Our latest additions observe advances in astronomy, cancer treatment, miscarriage research, Shakespeare’s works, antibiotics, railway systems, and migration.


Fellowship appeal

As part of Birmingham’s drive to attract new minds, I was tasked with creating an advertorial piece for the Guardian. The ad was a fantastic success, being praised by Queen’s University Belfast, and in just two days, bringing 45,000 visitors to the micro-site; 6,000 of whom reviewed the opportunities in detail, with 3,000 of those individuals applying to become research fellows.

Birmingham Heroes advert in the Guardian


UoB fellows, Alberto Vecchio and Andreas Freise, present the remarkable findings they and their team have worked for, at TEDxBrum.

You can find out more about other Birmingham Heroes campaigns on the University’s YouTube channel.